The trainers

Whether you’re looking for a friendly and professional service, or for someone who will make you feel less scared of going to the gym, our friendly team are here to help! We have a combined experience of over 15 years of personal training experience. All of our personal trainers are degree educated, and can provide you with qualified, professional, personal training plans.


Owner/Head Coach

Qualified in 2010 (Honours degree)

Training people to be bad-ass.
Competitive power lifting, singing.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn.

I began my career with an undergraduate degree at local university – Southampton Solent. Over the past 12 years I have worked with hundreds of clients in all kinds of settings. My own training has varied from kickboxing to marathon running to powerlifting to CrossFit… with two babies mixed in
too! Each challenge has brought a new angle to my training experience and the coaching I bring to my clients. I’m repeatedly asking our clients to push themselves out of their comfort zone and so ask nothing less of myself… those who know me are aware of my wicked competitive streak!

What sets me apart as a coach is my genuine passion to guide people to their own, individual best, and open up a world of opportunities and confidence they didn’t know was available to them. So I created the space in which to do it, and the community of clients and coaches to fill it. I bloody love
my job!


Senior PT

Qualified in 2016 (PT) 2017 (BSc) 2019 (MSc)

Ensuring nobody is misled within the fitness industry.

Hockey, Reading.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” Vince Lombardi

Over the last number of years, the fitness industry has been causing confusion for anyone that is trying to achieve their goals; I never liked this. That’s why my job is to get you where you want to be, without any unnecessary spend, and without any of the ridiculous fads social media will try to convince to you.

I aim to use the most up to date scientific research to ensure my programming gets maximum results for you. I want you to achieve your goal and ensure that the outcome is sustainable long after we finish working together. My job satisfaction comes from passing my knowledge to my clients, to help achieve their goals.

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The Facility

All the Focused PT training sessions are conducted from the MGB Fitness Studio, a private PT-only training facility, easily accessible from the M3, M27 or from central Southampton, and with free car parking on site.