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As a member of our small but impactful team, each coach’s individual contributions make a huge combined difference to our clients. Here, you can get to know the people behind all the hard work.

Business Founder


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Business Founder


My career in the fitness industry began as part of the front of house team in an LA Fitness gym back in 2009.  Since then I have completed my Honours Degree in Fitness and Personal training and worked in a variety of gyms such as Winchester Tennis & Squash, and Southampton David Lloyd, but also independently from peoples homes and in local parks.  I took on my first private premesis in Februay 2015, bringing my existing clients ‘in-house’, and giving me the opportunity to create a space, atmosphere and experience unlike anything people find in large commercial gyms.

In the years since I’ve gone from being a ‘1-(wo)man-band’ to employing a whole team.  This has meant we are able to use our combined knowledge to impact and support a much larger community of clients.

Bringing out the ‘bad-ass’ in everyone.  Taking someone from feeling timid and self conscious in a gym setting, to bringing out their confidence and empowering them to get in the best shape of their lives.

Powerlifting, singing, family life with my other half and three little ones.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn

When I was a young teen I started going out cycling alongside my Dad on his runs.  Eventually I left the bike at home and went on to run a handful of half (and even one full…never again…) marathons.  By mid-teens I had also taken up kickboxing and worked my way up to earning my black belt.  However it wasn’t until my early 20s, through the guidance of my own personal trainer, Tom, that I found my real strength (pun intended) which lay in competitive powerlifting.  It even gave me the opportunity to represent England and travel to international competitions.  I love incorporating my diverse background and experiences into my work and will always be challenging myself to step out of my own comfort zone, just like we ask our clients to do.

Head Coach


I have always loved sports and participated in water sports, so found myself naturally gravitating towards the fitness industry when I started my career over 7 years ago. After qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I was able to use my knowledge of strength training to start helping clients and have been a passionate advocate of how it can transform people’s everyday lives for the better ever since. As I continued to develop my knowledge and experience over the years, I have learnt a great deal about female health specifically and the role it plays in a fitness journey. I qualified as a pre and post natal trainer a few years after my initial qualifications and went on to train women in multiple stages of pregnancy. I’ve also gained a wealth of knowledge regarding how female hormones can impact things like strength and energy levels, especially when peri-menopausal or menopausal. This knowledge is always something I will continue to share with clients so they can also use their cycles and hormones to the best of their ability when approaching fitness. 

Focused Personal Training offers a welcoming community, that supports you in and out of the gym. FPT is the kind of place you can come to truly spend some time to yourself, engage with like-minded individuals, have a laugh AND work hard towards you health and wellness goals! 

My role here as Head Coach is all about making sure that we continue to deliver the very best service and experience to our client community. We truly care about each individual who comes to us looking for help, and I am really proud of the difference we are making every day to peoples physical and mental health. 

Working out (of course), reading – I love to nerd out on scientific books, the theatre and live music!



I grew up playing and enjoying a range of sports. I first began incorporating gym training to compliment that passion by improving my fitness and strength. To gain a better understanding and help me pursue a career within the industry I tailored my education around fitness, completing my undergraduate and then Masters degree in sport and exercise science and strength and conditioning. I have since coached fitness sessions primarily within professional football but have a background coaching a wide range of ages and abilities.  

Focused PT offers a friendly community environment for individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

My role at Focused PT as a coach is to ensure clients receive high quality training sessions, tailored to their individual needs. I really enjoy the role as I help individuals improve and reach their goals. 

Golf, football, attending music gigs and festivals and reading.

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